Control your entire IoT network from a powerful dashboard

It should be easy to manage a network of connected devices. The Wagtel IoT Dashboard gives you full control over every device that’s connected to our network, all from a single platform that’s easy to use.


Why technology innovators
should connect devices with
Wagtel Connectivity

Full control

Complete control over your entire fleet of devices. Group devices together, manage their connection types, speed, flows and integrations.

Real-time visibility

An instant overview of your entire fleet of devices, where you can manage data spending limits, and view usage across all connected devices.

The Wagtel user console

With the Wagtel User Console, you’ll have the ability to manage devices, control costs and keep your connectivity secure – all from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Group Devices Flows

Wagtel platform allows you to manage different flows for each type of your devices, have different decoders and different integrations with your platforms.

Wagtel IOT
Wagtel IOT

Functions workflow

You can define your decoders in “My Functions” dashboard and also define validators to test your code in the same site.

External integrations

In “My Integrations” dashboard you will be able to select which integration fits with your service. You can chose a custom API call or add a community integration as AWS IoT Core.

Wagtel IOT

RedServices Packet Data

IP data connectivity

Core Connectivity

Community Connectivity

Wagtel IOT
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