Connect Anything, Anywhere:
Seamless IoT Coverage
for Every device

Multi-Technology Internet Provider to connect and manage IoT
devices and M2M sensors, deployed at scale all over the world.


Multi-Carrier &
Multi-Technology Coverage With A Single Platform

Say goodby to comparing carrier coverage maps and work with different company for each communication connectivity (2/3/4G, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox or satelital)

Connects to multiple networks
Built and optimised for IoT
Pay-as-you-use pricing
Wagtel IOT


Secure Global IoT Connectivity for M2M Devices in 160 Countries

Wagtel provides reliable Global IoT Connectivity for M2M devices and sensors deployed all over the globe. You’ll get the connection you deserve at the best available rates.

Wagtel telecommunication systems

Wagtel Platform​

What can you do with Wagtel coverage?

Why choose Wagtel's connectivity?

Wagtel manages IoT connectivity for visibility, control and security of all your devices.

We offer a reliable and scalable connectivity solution for your business.

Our team of experts is available to assist in the development and implementation of your project.

We offer competitive prices and excellent technical support.

The network used by Wagtel has around 1 million access points.

The network is distributed throughout the world, especially Europe and the USA.

We offer connectivity solutions tailored to your specific needs.
We provide technical support at all times.
We help integrate the needed connectivity technology
into your existing system.

What we have for you

Wagtel Platform​

Management of connected devices with all the technologies and carriers in the same platform.

We had continuous support, standard SLA.

SIM Card Management

Connected to any one of 300 mobile carrier networks across 150 countries.


Reliable Network

Radio coverage and support for LoRaWAN. Direct connection of devices in remote areas, narrow band. Wide indoor and outdoor use. Dedicated IoT network.


The Wagtel team supports the integration of all our connectivity technologies into your product.

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