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With our network and Smart Devices, it allow us to innovate in technologies for data collection and convert them into processes to provide solutions.

Benefits of IoT Smart City

With Wagtel you will have coverage in most of the United States and Europe.

Our Smart City network is a solution that allows centralized management of all city services.

In addition, with Wagtel we will be able to provide coverage to those points where the client needs it and where there is currently no coverage. Depending on the situation of the place without coverage, different solutions are available to be able to meet the need in an intelligent way.
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Smart Environment in Cities

Life with Intelligence inside IoT devices anywhere

Solutions for Mobility

IoT and the advantages of its use in Smart Cities

With Wagtel you will have coverage in most of the United States and Europe.

Smart Cities are urban areas that use technology, data and other digital solutions to improve the quality of life of their citizens and make urban life more efficient, sustainable and livable. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in the development of smart cities by providing the connectivity and data collection capabilities needed to drive many smart city initiatives.

Some examples of how IoT is being used in smart cities include:

Overall, the use of IoT in smart cities can help improve the efficiency, sustainability, and livability of urban areas, while also providing new opportunities for businesses and other organizations.

IoT in the Smart City

Knowing all this, we can say that smart cities will be made up of the continuous interaction of different elements connected online, giving rise to what is called IoT in the Smart city. Therefore, in a smart city where all the elements are connected in real time via the Internet, the following improvements can be appreciated:

1. Increased environmental sustainability:
Consequence of a better management of the material and immaterial resources of the city.

2. Increase in the quality of life of disadvantaged environments:
Since it will be possible to invest in telecare for aging population sectors, such as rural areas that have less infrastructure.

3. Quality tourism incentive:
Significant improvement in the tourist experience, making interactive digital services available to them.

4. Democratic consolidation:
Through active and continuous citizen participation for the permanent construction of a better space.

Proof that this new era is on the way, are the already widespread and well-known applications for the home such as Google Home or Alexa, which present a current reality in the interconnection of devices for daily use with the intention of promoting home automation and automation. of routine actions. Examples of actions that can be performed with them are:

Smart mirrors. Just by getting in front of them, they are able to report on body weight, sleep quality and other data of interest to health. This is achieved thanks to the mobile application that is synchronized with it.
Security apps with which, through the smartphone, it is possible to activate or monitor the surveillance cameras of a business or home.
Remote cleaning app.
Smart refrigerators that alert when the most commonly used groceries run out or when there are products about to reach their expiration date.

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