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Global Connectivity vs Regional Connectivity

Wagtel provides multicarrier and multi-technology connectivity with failover between carrier towers in urban and rural areas across the globe ant satelital connectivity. The most common plan is a global one with global coverage.

Global Connectivity

This route eliminates the need to pick and choose regional carriers, write code, or maintain multiple product SKUs for different regions. Global connectivity come ready to cover 174 countries. Your devices will be ready to automatically switch between carriers whether moving between regions or reacting to an outage or loss of signal.

Regional Connectivity

Staying local? Regional Connectivity unlock local carrier profiles for select regions across the globe with the same cross-carrier failover that automatically ensures devices stay connected when more than one carrier has coverage in the places your devices are deployed.

Get Customized Enterprise Pricing

Leverage the right plan, pricing, coverage, and platform services for large deployments

When you work with our team of connectivity specialists and Solution Architects we’ll get you a quote based on your project requirements. We’ll also show you where Wagtel can help you double-dip on cost savings choosing the right data plan and the right technology for you.

Determine Your Base Coverage

Work with a Wagtel connectivity expert to discuss your home region, key markets and technology.

Determine Your Pricing Structure

Determine which billing method aligns the best with your business model and finance team and discuss your pricing.

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